Southern flair in the Northern air...

Southern flair in the Northern air...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Beginnings

For my southern family it was a Spring Break, but for Paul, Roswelle and me it was a Spring Beginning. Wasn't sure how to blog about our vacation on the picturesque beaches on Destin FL after the hardest winter of my life, no really, I feel like I say it every winter but this one really was the hardest. Paul was the first to spot a patch of snow when we got back yesterday...can't.even.  At least it's in the 60s now in Boston! would be too long and too annoying (even as the one that went on the trip) to go on and on about everything we did and how absolutely perfect it was.  So I'm just going to post pictures from the week.  I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

andddd she's up!

She is standing!!  The sun was out in spurts today but that didn't stop the fun.  I took 200 pictures today (practicing) and I caught this sweet little sequence of Roswelle and Paul.  She started standing on her own yesterday.  We are all really excited for the steps.  However, I am enjoying the last few days of her being somewhat immobile...I'm told it's a whole different ballgame when they walk! up, handstands!!

...or headstands. ;) #coachpaul

Thursday, April 2, 2015

beach day snapshot

Paul, Roswelle, and I arrived in Destin, FL late last night.  It is just going to be the three of us in our family condo until Saturday when we will move into a rented house for a week that will hold us, Mom, my brother Carson, his friend Jeff, my grandparents, my aunt Wendy and hopefully my brothers Trey and Evan at some point (busy with work and school).  

These are unedited pictures from today - which I think is a total no-no in the photography world - but I don't have the patience to edit them while on vacation.  I have been messing around with all the settings and also loving my the new lens.  I spent 20 minutes following Roswelle around on the beach (which she absolutely loves - she can't get enough of the sand) and I got some pretty shots of her after all.  

btw - I can't believe how amazing it feels to have warm skin from the sun/air.  love.the.South.

I think she is going to start walking while we are here - I'll keep y'all updated!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

BPL // Children's Library

Yesterday, my friend Tara and her son Jett joined Roswelle and I to the Boston Public Library to visit the newly renovated Children's Library.  It is beautiful!!!  It is spacious, bright, and interactive.  There a few sections designed specifically for different age groups.  There are organized group classes, computers, and as many books as one could dream up.  And there are family friendly bathrooms with extra low toilets - very important stuff! I am thrilled that this is an option for Roswelle as she grows and learns in the city.

as my friend said, it's a must for Boston mamma's (no joke! :) ....4/1)

{the infamous hungry caterpillar}

{loves books and books and more books}

{the best we could get this time, but we'll be back to try again!}