Southern flair in the Northern air...

Southern flair in the Northern air...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


It goes without saying that there are a lot of new worries that come with being a new mom.  Not only do you worry about the new tiny human that you are trying to keep alive, but your body just went through the most dramatic change since your first year of life.  

During pregnancy I really tried to stay healthy and fit.  I ran until my 28th week of pregnancy, I went to yoga twice a week religiously, I did spin 2x a week in my 3rd trimester, and I ate relatively healthy (brussel sprouts are really hard to get down while you are "with child" but I managed).  I still gained a ton of weight, 45-50lbs!! I've admitted to my close friends and I guess I'll admit it here, I weighed more than Paul at the end. eek!  Your body does what it is gonna do when you are pregnant...and you just have to roll with it.  

Back to what I said early tho, your body goes through incredible changes while incubating a baby.  My personal experience was gain 45-50lbs in 9 months (not a healthy thing for the average person), lose 30lbs immediately after baby (first 2 weeks), and then have the remaining stubborn 15 to lose while keeping your new bundle of joy alive.  ahh!  Oh and did I mention I couldn't diet (bc of breastfeeding) or workout for the first 6 weeks? so you just have to sit there...with your extra self.  

Personally, my recovery from a c-section was extra long (which was kind of discouraging to me - I thought I would bounce right back for some reason).  For the first 5 weeks I couldn't walk longer than 10 minutes or get up off the couch without wincing.  I didn't actively start exercising until I was in GA and Roswelle was 10wks old.  One day I had to finally tell Paul that I needed help getting back on the exercise train, I was scared.  It was going to hurt and be annoying and be inconvenient and I needed a motivator.  Enter "Coach Paul" - I call him that to be funny but in all seriousness he has been such a great motivator - most of the time working out w/ me for a 2nd time that day.  I would whine and even tear up about how hard it was and how much it hurt, but each time I got through a workout I felt stronger and proud of myself.

I now exercise 5 times a week on average and I am starting to fit comfortably in my pre-baby clothes and I am only a few pounds shy of my pre-baby weight.  Exercising is actually way easier than I thought to fit in with one baby - I must say, I DON'T KNOW HOWWWW moms do it with multiple kids.. but I will worry about that later. 

Here are my workouts from the past week:  

Thursday - BYOB pilates.  These classes are great because you don't have to find a sitter.  You just show up with your non-mobile baby and try to get in a work out.  The class isn't about the baby, it's about you.  You are just allowed to have a noisy baby and no one will blink.  Plus it's a great way to meet other moms!
Friday - quick 2 mile jog w/ Roswelle - sprinting up hills. total time 25 minutes.
Saturday - family WOD (Paul, me, Rob and Jenny while babies were asleep) 50 air squats for warm up, then "10 to 1" rounds of 10 burpees and 10 lunges (each leg - so 20), then 9 burpees and 9 lunges each leg, then 8 burpees and 8 lunges each leg...and so on down to 1.  cashout of 2 sprints to finish.  total time 14 minutes. we were dying at the end.
Sunday - 3 mile jog without baby. blasted rap music and took my time, enjoying being alone. 
Monday - 1.5 mile jog sans baby - broke it up with 8 rounds of 25 squats during the run.  It broke up the monotenous run and I had finished 200 squats by the end. total time 21 minutes.  Came back to Roswelle screaming and Paul sweating it out but it was worth it.  
Tuesday (yesterday) - cleaned the house.  all day.  :)

It's been hard but really rewarding to get back in shape. It's also nice to have a personal challenge that is about me and not about my baby.  

{baby pilates!}


{a garage WOD in our garage gym}

In other news - my mom is landing in less than 3 hours!!!! She is staying 'til next Thursday. Yayayayayayay.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Canteen - our Friday nights

If you want to see Paul, me and Roswelle on a Friday night, I can tell you where we will be, The Canteen (!  In the past few weeks Canteen has become our Friday night spot - I love having a go-to for Friday nights.  On Friday, Roswelle and I drive to Truro during the day and Paul takes the 5:30pm fast ferry from downtown Boston to Provincetown, landing at the pier around 7:05.  We meet him at the pier and walk over to Canteen for dinner.  I usually order the special - this week it was a fried shrimp sandwich on grilled ciabatta bread.  We always order a hot lobster roll (such a classic) and Paul ordered the Cod Bahn-Mi sandwich.  

Below are some iphone pictures I snapped quickly last Friday night.  I'm already looking forward to it this Friday night.  It's a simple no-muss no-fuss spot with tasty, clean, and mostly healthy food.

{this picture is so summer-y to me - lobster roll, boat shoes and stripes}

{community style fixin's - including water with reusable plastic cups}

{a cute little spot on the walk to the back}

The backyard has additional community style seating...

...with a peaceful view.

Roswelle has started going to sleep around 8pm every this is right during her bedtime - luckily I can swaddle her and stick a paci in her mouth anywhere we are.

{turned into low key family night ever Friday night}

{my fried shrimp sandwich - so simple but soooo good - toasted bread makes anything delish}

After....we walk to Ptown Scoop for ice-cream!

I should mention...Roswelle woke up in the ice-cream shop and officially lost it by the time we got to the car. We stayed out too late and she was letting us know. She cried the entire way home - even tho Paul sat in the back seat trying to console her.  We changed her, re-swaddled her, and she fell fast asleep.  It looks like our nights of her sleeping anywhere at any time are coming to an end - she really likes her night-time routine and likes to be put to bed for the night no later than 8:30 - I guess we will adjust ;) 

btw - I'll be posting a 4month update soon! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

House Update: New Stove and Rug

Good news: We got our new stove and hood!! :) *happy dance*
Bad news: my camera's not working right now so these are all iPhone pictures. :/

Our oven had been acting quirky while baking with it - specifically a gas-like odor filling the kitchen.  We had the gas connection checked so we new it was just an old oven issue.  Paul and I also justified the purchase since we knew we would inevitably have to buy a new one before we put the condo up for sale one day, so we might as well enjoy it for a few years. 

Also - notice what is missing? The microwave!  We got rid of it!!  Paul and I have been avoiding using it for the past couple of months and it was easier than we thought it would be.  1) the hood looks better and 2) natural heat is healthier.  I'm a little nervous about not having a microwave with hungry screaming toddlers but we'll figure that out when we get there.

Out with the with the new and improved! I love the lighting from the hood and the way it hits the backsplash.  It is a Bertazzoni range/oven with an XO hood which has the capability to recirculate the air in the room even if it isn't vented to the outside (which ours isn't since we are sandwiched between other townhouses).

A few things bother me about the picture below but I didn't want to wait to post a picture until after they are fixed (because who knows when they will be done - "winter projects"!) 

1) the backsplash needs to be filled in to the top - the microwave was 16" in height vs the 11" hood

2) the cabinets need to be repainted in general and especially where there is no paint on the side of the cabinets now that the hood is in.  **Future Project alert: I'm planning to repaint all of the cabinets this winter.  It was my first project after we were married and I just wanted to change something in the house asap which meant I didn't do the best job.  The cabinets need better quality paint, a better sand job, and more neutral white? who knows.
3) The fruit bowl isn't full and there are no bananas on the banana hanger for the "after" picture. This bugs me.

{please ignore the fingerprint smudges - going to get some cleaner asap!}

Another change up that happened this week: a new living room rug!  House updates make me more excited than most things...even a new pair of shoes - I swear!  

I had been looking for a rug similar to the two below: 

{West Elm Souk Wool Rug - I loveeed this one}

But instead - I found the one pictured below! I found it at HomeGoods in Framingham - I was soooooo excited to find exactly what I was looking for at a price I could actually afford.  

{this picture shows the true lighting the best - remember these are iphone pics}

One final exciting thing - I was gifted this gold flatware set from my girlfriends for my birthday.  It's from the Target Threshold line and is super affordable.  I love that Target continues to seriously step it up in at home department.  I can't wait to use these in some food shots :)

Alright - enough blogging.  I need to get the car packed and the house picked up while little peanut is napping.  We are headed to the cape for the weekend again - TGIF!  oh btw - I guess I should let y'all know I am now officially a stay at home momma! or #happyhomemaker.  It's been great so far and something I've always hoped I would be able to do.  I may get the urge to get some part-time work in a few months but for now my days are filled with feedings, diaper changes, swaddles, tummy time, target runs, and walks with the stroller.  

Monday, July 7, 2014

Roswelle Gray: 3 months old!

It makes me sad that I don't get to blog as much these days...I don't want to only blog about my new baby but it is pretty much what my life consists of now.  We are ordering a new stove this week so that will be a fun house update post coming up.  Roswelle is becoming a little more independent where she will actually play on her activity mat for a good chunk of time so maybe I can do some fun things around the house soon and blog it up.

BUT back to R... she is 3 1/2 months already!  She is getting more and more animated and her eyes keep getting bluer...hopefully they will reach Paul's crystal blue.  

Below are some shots of what we have been up to lately...if you follow me on Instagram some of these will be repeats. (follow us - our handles are @saralaurenl and @paul_lash)

My mom bought us the BoB stroller and we loveeeee it (including R!) She will typically fall asleep in it - even while I run.  It has been a great motivator to get me running again.  It is so light and smooth.  I definitely recommend it for an active stroller.  

{having the best time!}

Walking down Longnook Beach two weekends ago.  Paul's mom bought a 10ft umbrella and 2 kid sized tents for the girls to lay in out of the sun.  Yesterday Roswelle took a 2hr nap on the beach.  

{Paul and I had a date night at a Zac Brown Band concert in Fenway}

{my "Maine-iac" in her Lobstah attire]

{she dipped her toes in the chilly pool and was pretty content}

{baby blues and pink lips}

{all smiles}

{July 4th with her cousin Madelyn who is 8wks younger than Roswelle}

{tub time at the cottage}

Above is my favorite picture to date.  This was at 7am and everyone was happy and calm. 

{I love this picture - her chin is out of control - in the best way}

I hope y'all had a fun and safe 4th of July!  I'll be posting about our new stove when it comes in.  Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Flying with a Baby

{2 50lb bags+2 carryons+1 diaper bag+1 stroller+1 carseat+1 baby = omg}

Happy July!!!!  This summer is flying by but is proving to the best one yet.  

Traveling with an 8 week hard work! Timing a grocery store trip with an 8 wk old is hard enough so the task of flying with Roswelle called for a lot of planning, team work, and luck! If Roswelle hadn't been 2 1/2 weeks early, we would have been flying with a 6 wk old because this trip was happening no matter what - yikes!  I can't imagine what traveling with multiple kids is like...seems like mayhem...we'll be there one day.  baby steps. literally ;)

When traveling with a baby you are allowed a stroller, a carseat, and a diaper bag free of charge.  We flew Jet Blue which meant we got one free checked bag each as well. We used uber to get an SUV taxi to the airport...with all of our luggage and our precious was necessary.  Plus, her first cab ride was not going to be in a beat up yellow thanks! 

{smooth ride for the happy baby}

We arrived 2 hours early for our flight which meant plenty of time to change her when needed, have a sit down breakfast, and pump! 

{coffee and a sleeping baby - two of my favorite things}

I proudly pumped in the woman's restroom...ya do what ya gotta do.  On my flight back I realized airports have family was perfect for pumping and changing Roswelle since I was traveling alone.

{we were both sleepy - it had been an early morning. Only Roswelle slept tho...I was too excited!

She was 8 wks so she was still sleeping through literally almost anything.
We used this airplane hammock for a little made it nice to be hands free for a few minutes.  Bonus - it also doubles as a highchair when she is older! 

I flew back alone since Paul needed to return a few days before me for work.  I was definitely nervous for it...what if I had to go to the bathroom on the plane? Who would hold her? What if she blew out her diaper on the plane while we were descending and couldn't get up?  Where would I change her diaper on the plane?  There were a lot of things that could have made for an "interesting" trip but luckily all was smooth. 

I fed her a bottle of breastmilk during the take off and landing to make sure she cleared her ears from the change in air pressure.  She slept the majority of the plane ride - babies can't help but be lulled to sleep by the loud white noise.  She did fill her diaper during the landing but it wasn't a blowout...and she didn't freak out about not getting changed quickly.  

{she didn't want to leave}

{strollers are the best!! - can you spot her little hand?}

{I was already wiped out and still waiting to board}

I was able to fly alone with her successfully but it was exhausting.  You are on high alert the entire time.  My advice - fly as a family when possible! 

I'll be writing an update about her soon - can't believe she is over 3 months!  It's just getting better and better.  :)