Southern flair in the Northern air...

Southern flair in the Northern air...

Monday, March 17, 2014

House Update: The Bathroom

Our bathroom got a facelift last month.  
A gallon of paint (Benj Moore Woodlawn Blue) + new curtain rod/curtain + mirror = new and improved.

Where we started:

One of the smallest changes with the biggest impact was raising the shower curtain rod.  All the curtains in our house are hung as close to the ceiling as possible - no matter how high the windows are.  It draws your eye up and creates the illusion of a taller, larger room.  I ordered a curved rod from online (the same ones that are in basically every hampton inn these days) and it definitely gives the feeling of more space when you are actually in the shower.  

Next up was finding a shower curtain that would actually be long enough from the ceiling to the floor now that I had raised everything a by at least a foot.  It's not really my thing to go to the fabric store and have one made so instead I looked at the possibility of using real curtains as a shower curtain.  

I found grommet style curtains at tjmaxx which were too short (pictured above).  However, once I realized I could use these style curtains easily with the shower curtain liner & rod, all I had to do was look online for 95" grommet curtains (product link) - found them online at bed, bath & beyond for $40 bucks (this length is not sold in stores).  BB&B is always doing 20% coupons and free shipping deals which helped the budget as well.  I ordered a linen fabric in ivory, the bathroom is so small I decided not to overwhelm the space with a pattern.  

{I was able to hang the liner in between the grommet hooks - seen above}

{I had to order two panels to fit the width and my grandmother was able to stitch them together for me during her visit in February}

{We bought this driftwood mirror on sale from pottery barn 2 years ago with gift cards...and now it finally has a home!}

Friday, March 14, 2014

Entryway Update!

Our entryway is finished! 
well...almost.  Like everything else there are always little things we need to touch up...aka paint the trim, fix the doorbell, etc (this weekend perhaps?).

BUT the big projects are officially out of the way.  Paul really stepped it up the past month so I can't help but give him all the credit. Over the past 2 months we tore up the old tile, had hardwood installed throughout the lower level and laid new tile down in the entryway landing. You can see just a little bit of the hardwood that leads down a hallway and into the guest bedroom...which we have been unofficially calling my mom's room these days since she will be staying with us for 3-4wks after sweet pea's arrival.  

Below is a picture of what was there before - this is in front of our fireplace (hopefully changing one day as well).  I unfortunately didn't get a before picture of our entryway.....ahhhhh.  But it was a dark emerald green 12x12 tile that I never liked.  It made the bottom floor feel dark and cold - which is the exact opposite of what I want in our home with the winters we face up here.

We picked a porcelain tile with a slate look.  The name is Cerim New England Slate and we ordered from Tyles by Perfection in Quincy.  They were super helpful and had a ton of selections.

{above is my favorite one}

Like I said, Paul really stepped it up.  When we pulled up the old tile the concrete below was a crumbling mess.  He laid down new cement (a few weeks prior), a self leveling compound during the week, a thin-set layer on Friday night, and then finally he and his dad cut and placed the tile on Saturday.  Paul finished it all with the grout on Sunday.  We still may coat it with a sealer.  He researched a ton and it really paid off. I couldn't be a happier wife! 

We tried a bunch of different layouts pictured below and placed our favorite tiles in the most visible spots...  We didn't get too creative - trying avoid too much cutting and possible mess-ups on his first attempt


on a personal's been a long sh*!!y week.  End of pregnancy is no joke...especially the first time around.  Some days I feel great but some days are ended with a teary-eyed tub soak. I try to stay positive but every now and then things get the best of me and I crumble. Work has been busy, the weather has been crap (19 degrees this morning and snowed yesterday), and the T was a mess this AM making my commute almost an hour...just to end this week on a low note.  March in Boston is literally my least favorite thing EVER.  Only thing getting me through is spending my Saturdays washing baby clothes and getting ready for her arrival :)  I'm really looking forward to a weekend of yoga, eating healthy, and relaxing with Paulliee! anywho...TGIFFFFFFFFFFF. ha!  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Brunch: Craigie on Main

I haven't blogged about food in a while!  We have been so focused on house projects that we haven't really been out to eat anywhere new in the past couple of months.  Well that is changing this month.  I am fully committed to enjoying our last month as DINKs by eating out at amazing restaurants, seeing moves, taking naps, & lots of yoga/exercising to balance everything out.  I reached out to a few of my foodie friends and had them tell me the 'must-go-to' restaurants in the area.  Once I had the list, I set up multiple reservations on opentable throughout the month (see my list at the end).  Craigie on Main in Cambridge was one of them.  It's a great restaurant all around but it is well-known for their Sunday Brunch...specifically their grassfed burger & house-made donuts.  We had both!   

{the infamous house-made donut with confiture du lait}

{grass-fed beef cheek & smoked beef tongue hash}

{grilled cheese & chicken confit sandwich - with house-made celery slaw, pickles & housemade nutmeg ketchup - i think?}

{I also loved the decor - they had gold mirrors throughout the restaurant - I want/need that little heart mirror}

{open style kitchens are the best}

The rest of our list: (cambridge is the place to eat these days)
West Bridge - Cambridge, MA - loved it, so cool.
T.W. Food - Cambridge, MA - going.
Hungry Mother - Cambridge, MA - going Friday!
Craigie on Main - Cambridge, MA - loved.
Bronwyn - Somerville, MA - going next week!
Island Creek Oysters - Boston, MA - reservation made
Hamersley's Bistro - Boston, MA - went, great food, not my fav atmosphere.

There are sooo many more good restaurants in Boston - but the criteria for our list was that we hadn't been there before (or at least one of us).  Let me know if you have any more must tries! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Lashway Baby Brunch

{cutest party favors from; the theme was bow&arrow}

Last weekend Jenny and I had a dual baby brunch shower. Did y'all know? She and Rob are expecting a baby 7 weeks after Paul and me! :) we decided to throw each other a baby shower. She threw it for me, I threw it for her...and our friend Mel threw in the party favors and donuts! It was actually a ton of fun planning our own shower (esp since the both of us like control)...we made the crafts, planned the seating and selected items for the we were really happy with the outcome naturally.

We decided to separate our showers between family and girlfriends.  Paul & Rob's mom, Sandy, threw Jenny and I a beautiful shower in February for family.  Jenny and I really wanted to host a brunch with our closest girlfriends in the city - only around 20 of us total.  

Mel ordered the party favors and donuts (from Union Square Donuts) which really added to the festive feel.  Since, Jenny isn't finding out the sex (which is torturing Paul) the colors were a mix bright pink, blue and teal.

{small plastic pacifiers, spray painted gold, to sprinkle on the table}

Only disappointing thing about the room we reserved @ Sonsie on Newbury, was that it was in the wine room of the the basement...which meant no natural lighting.  I tried my best to get good pictures but my wheelhouse for picture taking is of still objects with natural light.  And I can't stand taking pictures with a flash.  oh well....#whattayagonnadooo

{we had seen these place cards on few blogs and they were actually really easy to make}

{festive coffee & donuts corner - there was also a mimosa bar not pictured}

To save the budget, I went to Trader Joe's the Friday night before and threw together the flower arrangements.

{35 weeks & 28 weeks}

{more preggos...38weeks, 35weeks, and 28weeks}

A few of the girls went in together to give the moses basket....I'm much so that I pranced around with it when I got home (that is...after I IMMEDIATELY switched into a t-shirt and sweats...basically all clothing is MIZ when 8 months pregnant)

{sweet books from Tara L}

{and I'll leave you with accidental picture but I like it!} 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dresser Re-do

I mentioned in my last post that my Mom would be staying for an entire week to help me with the nursery/house.  We did other things as well including going to spin classes together, dinner at Sweet Green (my fav), she was able to meet my midwife, and also attend the bible study that Paul and I go to every week.  I'm always telling her what I'm up to ...but it was nice for her to actually get to experience some of it with me.

She also got a lot done around the house...including painting the dresser that will serve as the changing table.  Paul bought it 10 years ago from Jordan's Furniture (a local furniture store) when he moved into the townhouse...and it is actually a great piece of furniture so I am glad we were able to repurpose it. 

I had a lot of cream and white going on in the room, so I decided to paint it a soft gray. It goes well with the crib skirt and kind of cools off the room a little bit.

{before - and if you remember I also repainted that mirror seen here}

{during - Paul spent countless hours making sure it was well-prepped}

{We used Benjamin Moore Harbor Gray in a Pearl finish}

{$1.37 brass-like knobs from home depot}

{my mom also washed all the baby clothes, blankets, sheets, etc}

{a repurposed gift box from Target}

One of the last things to go up in the nursery is the mirror above the dresser.  My mom found one from Pottery Barn outlet in Dawsonville, GA which looks very similar to the one pictured below (from  It was too big to bring up with her on her flight so it is being shipped.

Other updates:

Paint: Paul has become a painting PRO! he has literally repainted 85% of our house on his own.  And it looks SO GOOD.  I have to go back and paint the baseboards a fresh coat of white but that is easy enough for me.  I'll post some before and after pictures.  He seriously amazed me with how much he got painted this past week - and my mom was a witness!

Entryway tile: We ordered the tile and it is set to arrive next Thursday which hopefully means it will be going down next weekend.

Light Fixtures: They have ALL been replaced!  I'll do a recap/before&after post on all of them.  I'm so glad to have that behind us! 

We have little things here and there left to do but we are pretty much ready for her arrival!  The work was hard and definitely created tense moments in our house but it was all worth it and we are so proud of what we were able to finish since January.