Southern flair in the Northern air...

Southern flair in the Northern air...

Friday, August 15, 2014

Updates All Around

I put this Ikea bookshelf together in literally 10 minutes flat.  It was so easy! and no tools needed! Either this is just an ikea phenomenon or Ikea has stepped it up when it comes to assembly.

The R & G will be painted soon...and I might hang them over her crib instead of scrunching them up on this shelf.  

{I've already made some changes to the wall gallery..}

I bought this heart mirror at Hobby Lobby - knowing I would paint it gold first chance I got.  

I used my fav secret weapon - Gilding Wax

I also bought the above framed art for $8.  I liked the frame and the verse but it was a little plain for me.

{I spruced it up with a black and white stripe folder I had}

ps. I'm lovinggggg black and white stripes right now...trying to find a good place for it besides this.

{tada - although I broke the glass pane in the process :/ }


Roswelle Gray Updates:

{she sleeps on her stomach or side most of the time now}

ps. paul put her jammies on backwards - I feel like every dad needs to make that mistake once, like a milestone, ha!

{she holds her bottle all on her own - finishes it all by herself (with supervision)}

{Paul's favorite thing these days is to get her when she wakes up - she is all smiles}

She's my little peanut!! I take her all over the city with me.  My grandmother, Mammie, says she was born with jets on. :)


These pictures are from Tuesday - we went into the city for an early breakfast with girlfriends and then headed up to NH to the closest Hobby Lobby with Jenny and Maddie!  

The three of us are headed to the cape this weekend (again!).  It will be another fun, low-key weekend.  Life is going well.  Even those I am a SAHM (stay at home mom) I'm still working for the weekends when Paul is around.  I have never looked forward to him getting home as much as I do now!  

Have a great weekend, y'all!

Monday, August 11, 2014

House Project: Wall Gallery

I've been working on this project while Roswelle naps during the day, and oddly enough she is napping as I write this The wall gallery was a work in progress for a couple weeks which I started back when my mom was in town.  I went up into our attic and grabbed any frame I could find; some without a glass pane, some with random art (old purchases from HomeGoods) and some from around the house.  

This is how it all started...on my floor.   I spaced out the frames and started tracing them on newspaper.  It seems like an unnecessary step but it only took 10 minutes and helped me visualize the spacing on the wall.

Above is what it looked like for a good week...I was getting comfortable with items on the wall and then started editing and updating which was the fun part. 

I bought a group 3 framed pictures of dresses for my apartment back when I was 22 and living alone in Atlanta.  They don't fit into my house aesthetic now so I deconstructed them and replaced them with personal items: a recent photo, our wedding invitation and the number 10 which is part of our address now.  I used a lot of scrapbooking items during this whole process - cheap and easy! A 10x10 piece of scrapbook photo fit perfectly in the frame and worked well as a backdrop.

I have always loved this gift bag (from my stylish friend Marcia) and I've been saving it to use as a matte in a frame.  I had the frame pictured below which doesn't have a glass insert (yet) so I cut up the bag and left the handle.  I think it's a fun fit for now.  

The frame above has come a long way.  I purchased it from Marshalls yearsssss ago.  It didn't have a glass pane and had a random photo of a green flower.  I bought an ugly old picture from a thrift store for $1 that was the same size as this frame.  I used the glass from the thrift store purchase and put scrapbook paper as a filler for now.  Does that make sense? I actually love it.

Above is another thrift store find.  It was a great frame for $1 but the cutout is an odd shape - long and slim.  A page from my calendar was the perfect fit.  To make it personal I chose the month of March and drew a heart the 21st with a pink sharpie which signifies Roswelle's birthday.  

I'm really happy with how it looks right now.  I'm not sure if I will go all the way up the wall to the top of the stairs.  I'm sure pictures will change and new frames will be put up. That's the great thing about spackle and paint, you can always change it up!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Roswelle Gray: Life at 4 months

I'm writing this as Roswelle is finishing up her 12th hour of straight sleep.  Well, minus the 20 minutes she was awake this morning at 3:40am (and a couple other times when I just reswaddled her and she fell right back asleep). I finally had the courage and strength to sleep train her and to be honest it wasn't all that bad.  She didn't cry more than 20 minutes over the last 3 nights, average was 7 minutes of tears a few different times.  It wasn't blood curdling cries was more "I don't think I like this" crying.  My biggest piece of advice is to wait until you and your baby are READY.  Her signs were that she would wake up in the middle of the night but would only be awake for 20 minutes, she wouldn't eat much when she was awake, and she would crank her neck while we were holding her almost like she wanted to be put down.  I listened and laid her down while she was still awake and she would lay there relaxing before she literally just nodded off to sleep - happened last night at 7pm.  She was ready to sleep through the night, she just needed a little encouragement. 

I may be tootin' my on horn a little early, we'll see what happens over the next few nights, but I'm going to enjoy this moment for now :)

My mom saved so many of my baby clothes and they now make up a majority of Roswelle's wardrobe.   I love how classic and simple the outfits are, they just don't make 'em like they used to!  She is in my little eyelit top and my pink ruffled bloomers.  My mom just recently brought up another batch of clothes; Roswelle will be wearing 'vintage' pieces until she is 2!

Speaking of my mom, she came to visit for a week!  

We had the best time...all of us!  Paul and I enjoyed some free time at new coffee shops, working out together, and going to dinner.  While my mom enjoyed quality 1x1 time with her grand-daughter.  WinWin for all of us. 

New favorite date spot, reading spot, anything spot - cafe nero.  AHmazing coffee shop right in the middle of the city.  It's a European chain and this is the first location in the States.  If you visit Boston you must go!  

I overindulged on cappucino's one night...had 3 and it was totally worth it.

Other randoms...

We have a mover/scooter!  She can get around pretty well by raising her legs and throwing them down.  I only loosely swaddle her in a blanket that I know she can get out of because of this.

My mom's birthday cake form the PB boulangerie in Wellfleet.  

Roswelle graduated from the bassinet in the stroller to the toddler seat.  She loves to look around and doesn't want to miss a thing!

Ok...I'm off to feed R breakfast and then heading to BYOB pilates.  Next post will be on the wall gallery I've been working on during Roswelle's naps!  I'm really excited to show you guys!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


It goes without saying that there are a lot of new worries that come with being a new mom.  Not only do you worry about the new tiny human that you are trying to keep alive, but your body just went through the most dramatic change since your first year of life.  

During pregnancy I really tried to stay healthy and fit.  I ran until my 28th week of pregnancy, I went to yoga twice a week religiously, I did spin 2x a week in my 3rd trimester, and I ate relatively healthy (brussel sprouts are really hard to get down while you are "with child" but I managed).  I still gained a ton of weight, 45-50lbs!! I've admitted to my close friends and I guess I'll admit it here, I weighed more than Paul at the end. eek!  Your body does what it is gonna do when you are pregnant...and you just have to roll with it.  

Back to what I said early tho, your body goes through incredible changes while incubating a baby.  My personal experience was gain 45-50lbs in 9 months (not a healthy thing for the average person), lose 30lbs immediately after baby (first 2 weeks), and then have the remaining stubborn 15 to lose while keeping your new bundle of joy alive.  ahh!  Oh and did I mention I couldn't diet (bc of breastfeeding) or workout for the first 6 weeks? so you just have to sit there...with your extra self.  

Personally, my recovery from a c-section was extra long (which was kind of discouraging to me - I thought I would bounce right back for some reason).  For the first 5 weeks I couldn't walk longer than 10 minutes or get up off the couch without wincing.  I didn't actively start exercising until I was in GA and Roswelle was 10wks old.  One day I had to finally tell Paul that I needed help getting back on the exercise train, I was scared.  It was going to hurt and be annoying and be inconvenient and I needed a motivator.  Enter "Coach Paul" - I call him that to be funny but in all seriousness he has been such a great motivator - most of the time working out w/ me for a 2nd time that day.  I would whine and even tear up about how hard it was and how much it hurt, but each time I got through a workout I felt stronger and proud of myself.

I now exercise 5 times a week on average and I am starting to fit comfortably in my pre-baby clothes and I am only a few pounds shy of my pre-baby weight.  Exercising is actually way easier than I thought to fit in with one baby - I must say, I DON'T KNOW HOWWWW moms do it with multiple kids.. but I will worry about that later. 

Here are my workouts from the past week:  

Thursday - BYOB pilates.  These classes are great because you don't have to find a sitter.  You just show up with your non-mobile baby and try to get in a work out.  The class isn't about the baby, it's about you.  You are just allowed to have a noisy baby and no one will blink.  Plus it's a great way to meet other moms!
Friday - quick 2 mile jog w/ Roswelle - sprinting up hills. total time 25 minutes.
Saturday - family WOD (Paul, me, Rob and Jenny while babies were asleep) 50 air squats for warm up, then "10 to 1" rounds of 10 burpees and 10 lunges (each leg - so 20), then 9 burpees and 9 lunges each leg, then 8 burpees and 8 lunges each leg...and so on down to 1.  cashout of 2 sprints to finish.  total time 14 minutes. we were dying at the end.
Sunday - 3 mile jog without baby. blasted rap music and took my time, enjoying being alone. 
Monday - 1.5 mile jog sans baby - broke it up with 8 rounds of 25 squats during the run.  It broke up the monotenous run and I had finished 200 squats by the end. total time 21 minutes.  Came back to Roswelle screaming and Paul sweating it out but it was worth it.  
Tuesday (yesterday) - cleaned the house.  all day.  :)

It's been hard but really rewarding to get back in shape. It's also nice to have a personal challenge that is about me and not about my baby.  

{baby pilates!}


{a garage WOD in our garage gym}

In other news - my mom is landing in less than 3 hours!!!! She is staying 'til next Thursday. Yayayayayayay.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Canteen - our Friday nights

If you want to see Paul, me and Roswelle on a Friday night, I can tell you where we will be, The Canteen (!  In the past few weeks Canteen has become our Friday night spot - I love having a go-to for Friday nights.  On Friday, Roswelle and I drive to Truro during the day and Paul takes the 5:30pm fast ferry from downtown Boston to Provincetown, landing at the pier around 7:05.  We meet him at the pier and walk over to Canteen for dinner.  I usually order the special - this week it was a fried shrimp sandwich on grilled ciabatta bread.  We always order a hot lobster roll (such a classic) and Paul ordered the Cod Bahn-Mi sandwich.  

Below are some iphone pictures I snapped quickly last Friday night.  I'm already looking forward to it this Friday night.  It's a simple no-muss no-fuss spot with tasty, clean, and mostly healthy food.

{this picture is so summer-y to me - lobster roll, boat shoes and stripes}

{community style fixin's - including water with reusable plastic cups}

{a cute little spot on the walk to the back}

The backyard has additional community style seating...

...with a peaceful view.

Roswelle has started going to sleep around 8pm every this is right during her bedtime - luckily I can swaddle her and stick a paci in her mouth anywhere we are.

{turned into low key family night ever Friday night}

{my fried shrimp sandwich - so simple but soooo good - toasted bread makes anything delish}

After....we walk to Ptown Scoop for ice-cream!

I should mention...Roswelle woke up in the ice-cream shop and officially lost it by the time we got to the car. We stayed out too late and she was letting us know. She cried the entire way home - even tho Paul sat in the back seat trying to console her.  We changed her, re-swaddled her, and she fell fast asleep.  It looks like our nights of her sleeping anywhere at any time are coming to an end - she really likes her night-time routine and likes to be put to bed for the night no later than 8:30 - I guess we will adjust ;) 

btw - I'll be posting a 4month update soon!