Southern flair in the Northern air...

Southern flair in the Northern air...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

roswelle + smash cake // by Mikhail Glabets

I am blessed in having a close friend who is a RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER (  We met Mikhail and his wife Erin in our church community group when Paul and I were engaged over 3 years ago. I invited them to Roswelle's party as close friends and actually asked Erin if she would take pictures for me during "cake-time" because I didn't want to put that on Mikhail.  BUT I'm so thankful he insisted that he take the pictures as a friend.  Weddings are what he is known for but he can clearly make magic happen through a lens in any situation (including an ikea highchair and a grain/dairy/refined sugar free smash-cake).   

He only took pictures for 10 minutes or so but he captured such a sweet story.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Roswelle Gray's First Birthday Party

It happened!  Roswelle Gray turned ONE and we had a wonderful party surrounded by loved ones who helped us be a family of three this past year.  It was a year of kisses, snuggles, giggles, sleepless nights, slept-through-the-night nights, tears, sickness, friendships, strength, prayers, praises...
just a whole range of emotions and milestones and happenings I didn't know existed.  

It snowed on Saturday (her actual birthday!) which was fitting considering this past winter. But we didn't let a few snowflakes damper the indoor garden party!  The planning was actually simple; selected the invitations, spent an hour ordering on etsy, and a few nights in front of the TV with a glue gun! I pulled on my family's strengths as well - my mom arranged the flowers, Sandy made the beautiful food spreads, Jenny made the tea sandwiches and helped me craft, and my grandparents ran my errands like picking up the cake and balloons!  It took the help of my family and the company of my friends to successfully pull off a wonderful party which was a great reflection of the past year.  

Below are some details with a few captions:

{a Roswelle Gray mantel}

{all of these items were gifts or framed mementoes (invitation & calendar)}

{party garland from etsy}

{a birthday crown from lovecrushbowtique}

{a year in the making - my favorite decoration!}

{delicious spreads made by Sandy}

{no space was left untouched of "Roswelle" decorations!}

{the cookies, cupcakes and small cake were from my favorite neighborhood bakery, Sweet Life Bakery & Cafe}

{we made her "smash" cake but ordered a backup just in case}

{a grain, dairy, and refined sugar free "smash" cake - I will share the recipe - it was so yummy}

{the most important part - family & friends!}

{loved having the house full}


{party foul! )}

{ cousins <3 }

{a little blurry but so happy we got a picture of most of Roswelle's friends!}

{thanks again for the thoughts and prayers and help this past year!! Excited for more exciting things ahead!}

***Where are the cake-eating pictures you ask?? They are coming tomorrow in a separate post!  My photog-friend, mikhail, took the pictures <3***

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sweet Life Bakery + Cafe

{almond citrus bread}

One of my favorite things about living in Boston (sometimes hard to remember in this Winter) is the possibility of discovering an amazing cafe, restaurant, coffee shop in your neighborhood.  Recently I found all three in one great spot - Sweet Life Bakery + Cafe! It has everything I could ever want in a cafe...endless coffee, sweet baked items, plenty of space, good lighting, a fire place and free wifi!  I have started going here to blog and have a quiet cup of coffee while Roswelle is at a playdate/sitter on Wednesdays for 3 hours.  It's something new she and I are trying out...this whole separation thing, and it's proving to be quite wonderful for both of us. :)  3 miles from our house deep in Dorchester, this is my new spot to take my friends and family.  The freshly baked sourdough is a must try!!

{the breakfast bar}

{details I appreciate}

{the bakery - where I will be ordering Roswelle's birthday cupcakes}