Southern flair in the Northern air...

Southern flair in the Northern air...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Roswelle Gray is!

This is my 250th post! 
I can't think of a better thing to write about today than Roswelle being 7 months old! 
Today is a good day!
(that's 3 sentences with 3 exclamation points right there)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Motivational Monday: JPPilates Stroller Bootcamp

The words Stroller and Bootcamp (one word in my world) probably aren't two words you would typically put together, but Jennifer Phelan of JPPilates did!  Roswelle and I have been going to her mommy+baby classes since Roswelle was 4months old (I wish I had started earlier!). Once a week, I have been making the quick drive to Charlestown and participating in her #strollerbootcamp.  If you are lucky enough to be a new mom (or nanny!) in the Boston area, I really encourage you to join us.  

 Jenn will tell you that she is figuring it out as she watches her own baby grow.  She has a 9month old adorable son, Grayson (#babyboomer - check out his hashtag on instagram!), and she has been coming up with ways to workout with him since he was born.  As a personal trainer and pilates enthusiast she wanted to get back in shape but had to balance being a new mom as well.  I'd say she figured it out and found the balance!

  Some more about her classes: Her tagline phrases "up an inch, up an inch"..."down an inch, down an inch", and the famous "c-curve" will have you sweating and your legs literally trembling but will get you the results.  The game changer for me, your baby comes with you!! Your baby can cry..poop..nurse during the class and it doesn't matter.  There is no pressure to keep you baby quiet or asleep - the more active the baby the more interesting the class can get for you.  ;) You are surrounded by a new community of moms which we all know is key to being a happy, healthy mom yourself.

More classes are going to be announced soon - you can find out more info on her website ( or follow her on instagram @ jppliates1 

{jppilates1 pushing #babyboomer}

Below are some personal photos from our last class this past Friday.  With the New England weather quickly turning cold, it was the last outdoor class at Bunker Hill Monument.

{kudos to the mom with TWINS in the group}

{Roswelle learned what to expect in the workout classes and now enjoys seeing me jump around}

{parking our babies in the strollers behind us, we used a hand rail as our "bar"}

{Jenn will even hold your fussy baby for you while you finish your push-ups. thank, I think. ;) }

{Roswelle learning how to do a plank...or just trying to eat grass}

{I'm not in a c-curve position here (whoops) but Roswelle loves to be up in the air!}

{practicing her shavasana...."namaste" ;) }

{phew that was tough and fun!}

{Roswelle learning to share and play with babies her age!}

{some of the group - sans sleeping babies in their strollers - we never wake a sleeping baby!}

If you are in the Boston area, let me know if you want to join me.  Community is such a powerful thing for moms and I have learned how important it is for Roswelle's and my health.  Thanks, Jenn!

**Blog note, there was no "Favorite Things" post on Friday, last week just got the best of me and I couldn't get it all together.  I gave myself some grace and let it go.  You'll have one this week, or at least that is the plan!**

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Roswelle Gray: Her 6th month of Life!

{my favorite recent photo of us}

Life has been busy lately and I can't believe it has been so long since I have done a 'Life with Roswelle Gray' update.  Before the passing of my uncle, I was actually in GA with my family for 10 days.  Paul went on a guys trip and was in NYC for work so it was a great week for Roswelle and me to head South.  

Roswelle will be 7 months on Monday, 10/21!!!!!  I can't believe I have a 7 month old!  Some highlights in Roswelle Gray's life: she is an AMAZING napper/sleeper - we just lay her down for her naps during the day (no rocking, shhh'ing, etc) and she sleeps 6:30pm-6:30am.  She is eating solid foods - her favorite foods are broccoli, oranges, and eggs.  She is still exclusively breast-feeding, we are doing the Baby Lead Weaning approach to introducing food, I'll plan to do a separate post on it - it has been a great experience for us. She can navigate all over the living room rug but no official crawling yet.  She LOVES attention...she will sit in her activity seat completely still until we look over at her and then she will start to bounce and smile and talk!  

*photo overload warning*
instead of writing out paragraphs of what we have been up to, I decided to show you through photos and captions!  

We got her all dressed up for church in Georgia! My mom jokes "the bigger the bow the closer to God" ;)

{Mia, Momma, and Baby!}

When I hang around my 16yr old brother with my baby on my hip, I'm acutely aware of how officially uncool I am. That's ok with me ;) guess I'll be what the young kiddos call 'basic'

Roswelle loves animals now!!!! She giggles when they lick her toes.  I think a trip to the zoo is in our future.

{some of my favorite moments at home are out on the back-porch swing}

{after 10 days they finally reunited}


{big, happy girl!}

{we meet Paul for lunch at least once a week - this day was his 36th bday!!}

{rare snuggles - she is usually on the move or asleep in her crib}

{discovering food!!!!}

{we were headed to a wedding - leaving the babies at home - my first full night away from her!!!}

{trying to act anything like parents on our big night out - kissy-face/peace-sign and all}

{little bit of a rough start on our Thursday morning}

{locked us out of the house with nothing but my sunglasses in hand. Used a diner gift card from across the street to get back in}

{still made it to meet dad for lunch - not how you should baby-feed :P}

{cheered on Auburn vs Miss. State - tough loss}

{Hung out with cousin Maddie!!!}

{went shopping like a big girl}

{took a long nap in Boston Garden during an unseasonably warm day yesterday}

phew, that's it.  I have just a few minutes before she wakes up from her morning nap.  be back soon!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

Lately a few things in particular have either been making my life easier or making me smile, or both!  I'm going to try to implement a series of Favorite Things Friday with categories Personal, Food, Home, and Baby.  Hope you enjoy!


One of my favorite bloggers, Erin Gates of Elements of Style, just released her design book.  It is full of amazing design spaces and personal stories of hers.  A must for your coffee table!

Jenny signed us up for the book signing in Fenway on Tuesday night.  So happy to have met her! (and it was a fun excuse for me to actually get dressed up during the week)

{Fall in a box. literally. smells amazing!!}


While at home in GA, I used my mom's white (and 'green' eco friendly) frying pans.  I love how crisp and clean they make the food look as I cook.  I cooked spaghetti sauce in them and they came out perfectly clean - no staining!


We love this inflatable ducky for bath time.  Roswelle can sit up in her bath safely, it's just enough space for her to play in, and it fills up in less than a minute! Much better than having to fill up the entire tub and hold onto her to keep her from tipping over while she plays.